What’s Wrong With Free Content?

What’s Wrong With Free Content?

Here at Money Makin Advice, we will always advocate for different ways for you to make some money moves, however, we will also break down the pros and cons of the methods. In this blog post, we talk about the ugly side of using “free” content online.

Some websites and business owners try to use articles from free content directories to get visitors to their site and make some money.

Most of the time, it is someone who is new to affiliate marketing or MLM and does not yet have any funding, yet need to content to attract visitors to their site so that they can begin making revenue.

Although this can sometimes be the only option for those who are running on a non-existent budget, it is not a way that will effectively build your website or revenue. There are a few potential reasons why this may be detrimental to your business building efforts.

Problem #1 – Search Engines

Search engines will punish your site if it has the exact same duplicated content than other sites. Being able to provide fresh and unique content to your potential audience is essential for trust and growth.

Good search engine rankings are essential in getting visitors to your site so that they have a chance to click on your affiliate links.

No visitors= no revenue.

Working on the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site is essential to your growth so that you will attract a great audience and make revenue.

Problem #2 – Getting visitors to click

Although getting your site high on search engine result pages and acquiring site visitors is hard work, this is only half of the battle. You must also be able to convince those visitors to click on your affiliate links and content.

If your visitors don’t see the value of your content, they will never want to trust your recommendations and will never touch your affiliate links.

This is because most people want to buy things that are recommended by people that they trust or whom they feel like are an expert on the subject.

If your content is just duplicated from other sites, you will be exposed as someone who does not really know what they are talking about and therefore will not look heavily on your product recommendations. This will reduce the number of website visitors who will be willing to click through.

Problem #3 – Author Bylines

Most free content is only given to you if you agree to place the authors’ byline under the article (you can get into trouble if you try to use it without following the stipulated rules).

This poses a problem because most author bylines include links. When a reader gets done reading a really intriguing article, there is a strong possibility that they will click on the author’s byline link rather than your affiliate links.

This is the entire reason why these authors offer free content to begin with, so that they may get their name and links out there to the public.

Using this type of content may mean shooting yourself in the foot and losing possible profitable website visitors.

Unless you create a collaborative environment on your site. Having contributors that provide great content and backlinks will strengthen the search engine’s view for your website and will help you grow!

Once you put these three problems together, you are looking at a serious decline in revenue simply because you used free website content from article directories.

Although it may be the only option for some, if you have the funds to buy your own original content, then you should go this route.

If you don’t have the finds, however, you may be better off writing your own content and then hiring professional services once you have made a profit to work with.

Money Makin Advice: 

Instead of relying on free, random content, put in the sweat equity of creating your own ish until you can afford to properly outsource content writing and creation.

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